Reference Electrodes

These compact, glass-bodied reference electrodes are available in two styles. The 7.5 cm long RE-5B reference electrode is used for electrochemistry experiments and is compatible with the C-3 Cell Stand, the CGME Controlled Growth Mercury Electrode Cell Stand, and the RDE-2 Rotating Disk Electrode Cell Stand. The RE-6 reference electrode (3 cm) is designed for use with the Electrochemical Flow Cell. All electrodes have a 6 mm OD glass body, and use a porous junction (frit) made from a ceramic material (RE-6) or CoralPor™ (RE-5B). (Note that, due to the high resistance of the ceramic frit, the RE-6 electrode is only recommended for aqueous electrolytes.)

Connection to the cell lead is via a gold-plated pin on the end of a flexible plastic-coated wire (RE-5B and RE-6) An O-ring is included with each electrode. Between uses, reference electrodes should be stored with junction tips in a MR-5275 vial filled with 3M NaCl.

A double junction reference electrode can be set up using an RE-5B reference electrode with the glass chamber MF-2030. This chamber also has a CoralPor™ frit, which must be maintained.

Ordering Information

Silver/Silver Chloride Standard Reference Electrodes

Part Number Description


 RE-5B Ag/AgCl (3M NaCl) Reference Electrode with Flexible Connector


 Storage vial for Ag/AgCl reference electrodes (Aqueous only)


 Glass tube with porous CoralPor™ tip


 Double-junction reference electrode chamber


 Porous CoralPor™ Tips 1/8" long (5/pkg.) with 1/2" lengths of Teflon heat shrink (6/pkg.)


 Teflon heat shrink tubing, ~4mm OD x 30cm


 O-ring, 1/4", 12/pkg


 Silver Wire, 0.5mm dia., 12" (30cm) long

Silver/Silver Chloride Electrochemical Flow Cell Reference Electrodes

Part Number Description


 RE-6 Reference Electrode with Flexible Connector


 Storage vial for Ag/AgCl Reference Electrodes (Aqueous only)


 PEEK Reference Electrode Retainer

MW-2021  RE-4 Ag/AgCl Reference Electrode


 RE-4 Bushing, 10/pkg.


 O-Ring for RE-4 and RE-6, 10/pkg.


 O-Ring for Non-aqueous solvent, RE-4 and RE-6

Saturated Calomel Reference Electrode (SCE) Kit 


This reference electrode comes in kit form and requires user preparation. The kit includes a glass electrode body in the "H " design with a porous CoralPor™ frit and a platinum wire electrode lead. Vials containing saturated KCl solution and calomel paste are provided (please note that mercury is NOT provided, and must be obtained from an alternative source). An instruction sheet illustrates assembly. The user will need glass pipettes, a pipette bulb, and clean mercury for assembly. Once assembled, the electrode must be maintained in a stable, upright position, with the CoralPor™ tip continuously wetted. The electrode should be stored with the tip immersed in a saturated KCl solution.


Part Number Description


 Calomel Reference Electrode Kit


 Porous CoralPor™ Tips 1/8" long (5/pkg.) with 1/2" lengths of Teflon heat shrink (6/pkg.) 


 Potassium Chloride solution – 5 mL


 Calomel Paste – 2.5 g

Non-aqueous Silver/Silver Ion (Ag/Ag+) Reference Electrode Kit



This kit contains the parts required for construction of a non-aqueous silver/silver ion reference electrode. The glass electrode body has a porous CoralPor™ tip attached with heat shrink tubing. The removable Teflon top contains a silver wire and 0.060 " gold-plated connecting pin for the cell lead. The kit also contains solid silver nitrate, extra heat shrink tubing, and extra porous CoralPor™ tips. Non-aqueous solvents must be supplied by the user. An instruction sheet illustrates easy assembly.


Part Number Description


 Non-aqueous Reference Electrode Kit


 Glass tube with porous CoralPor™ tip, 6mm OD 7.5cm long


 Non-aqueous reference electrode: Glass tube with CoralPorTM tip and cap with Ag wire


 Porous CoralPor™ Tips 1/8" long (5/pkg.) with 1/2" lengths of Teflon heat shrink (6/pkg.)


 Silver Nitrate – 1 g

Other Reference Electrodes

Part Number Description
 EF-1352  Calomel reference electrode
 EF-1354  Chloride free reference electrode
 EF-1369  Alkaline Reference Electrode

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"Practical Problems in Voltammetry 3: Reference Electrodes for Voltammetry", A.W. Bott, Current Separations, 14 (1995) 64.