Stand-Alone Raturn System

  • Ideal for Academic Labs
  • For use with Rats and Mice or similar-sized rodents
  • The unit can be conveniently kept on a lab bench-top
  • Option to include legs to the base unit
  • Option to collect simultaneous Activity Data using Raturn Activity Monitor
  • Option to collect Urine and Feces

Microdialysis, Ultrafiltration, Drug Infusion, Simultaneous Monitoring of Animal Activity, Electrophysiological/optogenetics stimulation and recordings


  1. Stainless Steel Platform with Support Stand, Motor
  2. Replacement O-rings for Raturn Motor
  3. Raturn Controller
  4. Balance Arm Assembly
  5. Rat or Mouse Tethers
  6. Optional Raturn Activity Monitor (captures animal activity data from 4 Raturn systems independently)
  7. Metabolic Accessory to aid Urine/Feces Collections
  8. Raturn compatible cage(s)

Stand-Alone Raturn System
System Includes:
Raturn Control box 
Base with Support Stand
Balance arm w/rearing
O-zone resistant o-rings for Raturn Motor (1 pack of 3)

 MD-1404  Raturn Microdialysis Stand-Alone System -rat
 MD-1409  Raturn Microdialysis Stand-Alone System - mouse

Choose your Balance arm/Tether based on species and cage type:

 MD-1555  Balance arm/Rat Tether MD-1455 for Universal Cage and Stackable Cage
 MW-1510M  Balance arm/Mouse Tether  CX-1214 for Universal Cage
 MW-1502M   Balance arm/Mouse Tether for MD-1460R  Stackable Cage and Mouse Metabolic Cage
 MF-5371  Rat Collars
 MD-1365  Mouse Collars

Order Raturn compatible cages separately

Optional Parts:

 MD-1410  Raturn Activity Monitor
  Optional parts for Metabolic Collections:
 MD-222  Legs for Stand Stand-Alone Raturn
 MD-221  Metabolic Accessory Holder
 CX-1400   I-Cup Reusable Chilling Chamber
 CX-1211  42 mL capped urine collection vials
 PL-4000  20 mL scintillation vials

Replacement parts:

 MF-2050  O-zone resistant o-rings for Raturn Motor (3 per pack)
 CX-1215  Raturn Replacement Sensor Flag for Tether Arm
 MD-1455  Rat Tether for Universal Cage and Stackable Cage
 CX-1214  Mouse Tether for Universal Cage
 MD-1460R   Mouse Tether for Stackable Cage and Mouse Metabolic Cage
 MD-1408  Metabolism Stand for Raturn
 MF-5371  Rat Collars
 MD-1365  Mouse Collars

The Raturn is set at an "optimized rotational speed."  If you would like to adjust to a different speed of rotation, please contact BASi.